Do you know who was Jack the Ripper?

A serial killer whose identity is unknown as of today. Hence, “who was Jack the Ripper” is one of the greatest unsolved questions in the history of the city of London.

The victims: five women, prostitutes. When: late 19th century, 1888. The modus operandi: mutilations, organ removal and disfiguration, hence its name. The stage: the Whitechapel neighbourhood, in the east of the city, a lower class neighbourhood, where poverty, alcoholism and violence were very prominent. An area of dark streets, very conducive to murders.

Currently, several companies claim to know the story of this murderer through a tour around the neighbourhood where everything happened. Here are some of them:

It is also possible to visit the Jack the Ripper Museum, located in a Victorian house in the heart of Whitechapel.

Address 12, Cable Street, E1 8JG London

How to get there

  • Bus: 100
  • Underground: Tower Hill, Aldgate East
  • Train: Shadwell

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