Don’t know what to eat in Tallinn? Estonian cuisine is attractive, with German and Russian influence. When preparing their dishes, they always take into account local ingredients and seasonal products, like rhubarb and fresh goat cheese in spring, tomato and cucumber in summer, berries in autumn and hunted meat in winter. They like simple flavours.

Black bread, dairy products, Baltic herring, pork and eel never miss in their tables.

Some of the typical Estonian dishes are:

  • Forell: smoked trout.
  • Kama: dessert based on flour, rye, oatmeal and roasted barley with sour milk or kefir.
  • Kvas: drink made with rye flour.
  • Marineeritud angerjas: marinated eel.
  • Mulgikapsad: stewed sauerkraut with pork and cooked potatoes.
  • Odrakarask: barley bread baked with sodium carbonate.
  • Pirukas: cakes stuffed with meat, cabbage and carrots, fried or baked.
  • Seljanka: soup based on sausages, ham and potatoes.
  • Shashlik: grilled meat.
  • Silgusoust: Baltic herring with bacon and cream.
  • Sült: pork cooked in lavender jam.
  • Verivorst: sausage made with blood and rice.

Estonians drink beer, such as Saku or Saare, Põltsamaa Kuldne (sweet apple wine), and Vana Tallinn, a liquor with a high percentage of alcohol.

In the city of Tallinn, there are several restaurants that bet on simple traditional cuisine with a modern twist:

“Naudi oma einet” – Enjoy your meal!

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