Latvian cuisine adapts to the four seasons of the year, and the products that each season offers, such as mushrooms in autumn or cherries in summer. Meat is abundant in its main dishes, especially pork. Fish is mainly consumed on the Baltic Sea coast. In recipes, it is common the use potatoes, onions and cabbage.

Latvians consume rye bread, which they sometimes accompany it with butter and ham or cheese for breakfast.

Some of the typical Latvian dishes are:

  • Biešu zupa: cold beet soup with kefir, eggs, cucumbers and herbs.
  • Liepajas menciņš: smoked cod stew with onion and potato.
  • Maizes zupa: sweet soup made with rye bread, sugar, dried fruits, cream and cinnamon.
  • Melleņu zupa ar klimpām: soup made with blueberries and starch.
  • Pelēkie zirņi ar speķi: smoked bacon with fried onion and dried peas.
  • Rūpjmaizes kārtojums: grated rye bread, with cream and jam.
  • Štovēti skābie kāposti: stewed sauerkraut that usually accompanies roasted meat and boiled potatoes.

The best place to taste these Latvian delights is the krog (pub). The country, with a great beer tradition, has several centuries-old breweries. In Riga, you can visit the Beer District. In Latvia, there are small family wineries that produce wine made from fruits and berries.

“Labu apetīti” – Enjoy your meal!

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