France is the culinary country par excellence. Everybody knows about its famous wines (from Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux or Roussillon), its cheeses (more than 400 types are produced, it is fantastic to see them in the markets), its baguettes and croissants. However, the question “What to eat in Paris?” has plenty of answers! We gather you to continue reading if you want to find out what other specialties you can find in the city of lights

Paris is one of the cities where you eat best. There is a wide variety of restaurants, national, international, and for all tastes and budgets. Many offer the 2-course or 3-course menu at an affordable price.

Each region has its specialties, and in Paris, you can try them all:

  • Boeuf bourguignon of Burgundy: stewed meat in red wine.
  • Cassoulet from the South of France: white bean stew with meat and vegetables.
  • Croque-monsieur: baked ham and cheese sandwich.
  • Choucroute from Alsace: white cabbage striped fermented in brine that serves as an accompaniment to sausages.
  • Burgundy escargots: snails stuffed with butter, garlic and parsley.
  • Foie gras from the South of France: duck liver or goose pate.
  • Brittany Galettes: pancake served with both sweet (sugar, cream, jam, chocolate) and salty ingredients (ham, cheese, egg).
  • Pain d’épices of Burgundy: honey and spice cake.
  • Paris-Brest: puff pastry filled with praline butter and chopped almonds.
  • Quiche lorraine: salted cake with eggs, cream, bacon, cheese.
  • Loire Valley tatin cake: caramelized apple pie.

Be sure to try the coq au vin (chicken and vegetables with wine), ratatouille (stewed vegetables), brioche (sweet with eggs, sugar, butter and milk) or pain au chocolat (rectangular puff pastry and crushed stuffed with chocolate).

If you want to start in French cuisine or become a professional, Paris has many cooking schools, and some important even chefs have their own:

“Bon appétit” – Enjoy your meal!

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