What to eat in Lithuania? Lithuanian cuisine is characterised by its naturalness. This cuisine consists of the food offered by the land, what they hunt in their forests or what they fish in their lakes and in the sea.  It is a country of great culinary tradition, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Each of the five regions of Lithuania has its traditional dishes and uses its own ingredients.

Some of the typical Lithuanian dishes are:

  • Blyneliai: both sweet and savory pancakes.
  • Bulviniai blynai: grated potato pancake.
  • Cepelinai: meatball boiled with mashed potatoes and stuffed with minced meat, usually accompanied by mushrooms.
  • Kastinys: sour cream and butter, accompanied by cooked potatoes.
  • Kreplach: noodles stuffed with minced meat or mashed potatoes purée, served with broth.
  • Kugelis: potato pudding, with bacon, onion and eggs.
  • Šakotis: tree-shaped cake made with different layers.
  • Šaltibarščiai: cold soup based on beets, milk, cucumber, boiled egg and accompanied with boiled potato.
  • Skilandis: smoked sausage made with minced meat.

Lithuanians are beer lovers, they have more than two hundred types. As local brands we find “Kalnapilis” and “Svyturys”. Among its spirits, midus stands out, made with honey, and trauktiné, based on strong herbs. If you prefer an alcohol-free drink, gira, based on rye bread.

“Skanaus” – Enjoy your meal!

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