Kyoto was, for a millennium, the imperial capital of Japan and, thanks to this, it is also a city with great culinary tradition, full of unique specialties. Discover what to eat in Kyoto in the following lines!

We can talk about Kyokaiseki, with fresh seasonal ingredients, it is the pinnacle of Japanese food. It was initially vegetarian, but through time, it has included meat and seafood.

If you are truly vegetarian, you should try Shojin-ryori, which forbids the use of  meat, fish and root vegetables, and uses  fruits and grains instead. In Kyoto, you can also taste Obanzai, with seasonal vegetables, and Bubuzuke, a green tea broth in rice with pickles.

In the city, you will find many restaurants specialising in tempura (fried vegetables and seafood, battered in a dough of flour and water), soba (noodles made with buckwheat flour), ramen (a dish of Japanese noodles of Chinese origin) and sushi (made from slightly vinegary rice combined with other seasonal ingredients).

All this food should be tried with a good sake or nihonshu, the national drink with alcohol made from fermented rice, which can be drunk hot or cold.

It is important not to miss sweets, such as Wagashi (made from rice flour, bean paste) always accompanied by a good green tea or matcha.

If you don’t know where to have lunch or dinner in Kyoto, this link will help you. You will be able to select which area of the city you want the restaurant to be in, the type of food, and the budget you have. All you have to do is choose and enjoy!

“Ikadakimasu” – Enjoy your meal!

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