Guatemalan cuisine is a mixture of Mayan products such as potatoes, avocados, beans, corn and chili peppers, with Spanish-influenced products such as wheat, milk, sugar and wine.

There are two basic elements that accompany any meal:

  • The corn tortilla, cooked on a griddle, metal disk or mud, also used to roast cocoa beans or coffee.
  • Beans, this seed of which more than 150 species are known, can be eaten fried or boiled.

In the main cities and touristic areas, you can enjoy both international and Guatemalan cuisine, limiting yourself to the latter when we approach smaller populations.

The most typical dishes are:

  • African: flattened bagel with a scent of cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Ayote in honey: this dessert (pumpkin) is eaten especially in All Saints and Deceased Saints.
  • Chuchito: a species of small tamale of pork and wrapped in corn cobs.
  • Enchilada: toasted corn tortilla with meat and vegetables.
  • Chicken jocón: made from chicken meat, it is typical of the department of Huehuetenango, and has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation.
  • Kak-ik: ancestral chompipe (turkey) soup of pre-Hispanic ancestry declared Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • Banana mole: this banana-based dessert has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation.
  • Pache: usually pork, with potato dough, wrapped in maxán leaf.
  • Patín: spicy tomato pasture, dried fish, always wrapped in maxán leaves.
  • Pepián: dressing used to season meats in which a necessary component is the pepitoria.
  • Tamale: of pre-Hispanic origin, it is a kind of cornmeal dough pie, steamed or baked. It is part of the menu on Saturdays and parties.

Enjoy your meal!

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