In Spain, gastronomy is a pleasure. It is known for its wines, its ham, its olive oil, its tapas, its pintxos and its Mediterranean diet. It offers a variety of dishes and flavours that change depending on the region.

Barcelona, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, has a rich and varied cuisine where tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil, rich fish, especially rock and shellfish are present.

Some of the typical dishes of Barcelona are:

  • Butifarra with beans: the butifarra (spiced sausage made mainly with bacon and pork) is grilled and accompanied with cooked and sauteed white beans.
  • Calçots: they are a tender variety of onion that is roasted in firewood. Sometimes it is accompanied with romesco sauce, made with bread, vinegar, tomato, garlic, almonds, hazelnuts, oil and salt.
  • Catalan coca: a kind of bread, similar to pizza to which both sweet and savory ingredients can be added. The coca of San Juan is famous, with pine nuts and candied fruits, which is taken on the night of San Juan.
  • Catalan cream: dessert consisting of a pastry cream covered with a layer of burnt sugar with a blowtorch.
  • Escalivada: baked or grilled vegetables, mainly peppers and eggplants that are served cold and serve as an accompaniment.
  • Fricandó: beef stew with mushrooms.
  • Bread with tomato: slices of peasant bread to which tomato, a little olive oil and salt are added. It can be taken alone or accompanied with different sausages.
  • Suquet de peix: fish stew to which potatoes, parsley, garlic and almonds are added..

We cannot fail to mention Catalan sausages, such as fuet, butifarra and longaniza, along with  rice, wines and cava, natural sparkling wine.

“Enjoy your meal” – Buen provecho!

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