Argentine cuisine has Creole, Spanish and Italian influence. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was an important migratory movement of Italians who brought pasta, pizza and ice cream. Gnocchi stands out, which is  dough made with potatoes and wheat flour, very economical, which by tradition is offered in restaurants on the 29th of each month, when the budget is tighter.

The country is a big consumer of beef, and it is not surprising because it is one of the best in the world. The most common way to cook it is grilled. Families meet especially on weekends to have a roast.

The typical Argentine dishes are:

  • Alfajor: two layers of biscuit joined with caramel and generally covered with chocolate.
  • Arrope: sweet made with the pulp of some fruits.
  • Roast: meat, usually beef, and sausage cooked on the grill with charcoal or wood.
  • Carbonada: meat stew, with potatoes, rice, pumpkin and some fruit.
  • Chanfaina: stew made with lamb, cooked blood, some legumes and potatoes.
  • Chipá: flour cake made of cassava or corn and cheese.
  • Choripán: bread with sausage to which chimichurri is sometimes added, an oil-based sauce, aromatic herbs and vinegar.
  • Churrasco: beef steak accompanied by salad or chips.
  • Dulce de leche: caramelized milk that is used in desserts such as alfajores, ice cream, pancakes.
  • Empanada: with a semicircular and closed shape, filled with many different ingredients such as meat, ham and cheese or tuna. They can be fried or baked.
  • Locro: meat stew with potatoes, corn, pumpkin and some other vegetables.
  • Picada: sausages, cheeses, olives, potatoes that are chopped in a wooden board or plate before eating.
  • Sándwich de miga: sandwich that usually has ham and cheese.

National drinks include mate, which we have already talked about in other posts, chicha (corn fermented in sugar water) and aloja (carob or fermented corn and water).

If you visit Ushuaia, I recommend you visit the restaurant Tía Elvira, it will not leave you indifferent.

In Buenos Aires, you cannot miss the area of Puerto Madero or Palermo to go out to eat. I love Cabaña Las Lilas, where the barbecue is spectacular.

Buen provecho! – Enjoy your meal!

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