Let’s begin with a visit to the Old Town of Vilnius city at the Aurora Door. It is the only original surviving gate out of the five that lined the city wall. It is also one of the most visited shrines, where the painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, stands out.

We take Aušros Vartų street until we reach the Town Hall Square. From there we head to the great and small Ghetto. During the Nazi occupation, 12,000 Jews were confined to the “Little Jewish Ghetto” which  was liquidated by the Nazis in 1941, giving way to the “Great Ghetto”, where 29,000 people were imprisoned.

Next we walk to the Vilnius University. It was founded in the 16th century with a mix of styles and has 13 internal courtyards.

A few meters away you will find Pilies street, the oldest and most peculiar street in the Old Town, with buildings of different architectural styles.  There is a beautiful view of the Gediminas Tower, which we will go to next, but not before passing through the Cathedral St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav, the most important places of worship for Catholics in the country.

We will continue our tour visiting the Church of St Anne, in the late Gothic style, the Church of Saint Francis Assisi, located within the Monastery of San Bernardino and the Bernardinos Garden. Then we enter Užupis, the poorest neighbourhood in the city which, after the independence of Lithuania in 1991, began  to fill up with artists attracted by the cheap accommodation. It became  a bohemian neighbourhood with  its own hymn, constitution, president and bishop.

We finish the visit in the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, a 17th century church, in the Baroque style with more than 2,000 stucco figures.

If you are going to spend one more day in Vilnius, we suggest you visit Trakai, famous for its Castle and surrounded by forests, lakes and hills of great beauty.

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