My favourite place in Australia are the Whitsunday Islands. They are more than 70 islands, mostly uninhabited, bordered by the Great Barrier Reef, located in the Coral Sea, with white sand beaches, blue waters and lots of wildlife.

Six national island parks form what is known as the Whitsunday Islands:

IIt is an area of great cultural and historical importance; the traditional owners of the Whitsunday Islands were called Ngaro, one of the oldest aboriginal groups in the country.

There are several protected species, such as humpback whales and humpback dolphins. It is a great place to enjoy the sea turtles and the dugong, both threatened species. Turtles usually nest on beaches between October and March, and breed between January and April.

The best way to enjoy these wonderful islands is by sailing. The islands are accessed by air or by sea from Airlie Beach and Shute Harbor.

Whitsunday is the largest island of all, known for its magnificent white sand beach over 7 km long, Whitehaven.

Hamilton Island is the only one of them that has an airport. Every year, the Hamilton Island Race Week regatta takes place in August.

Hayman Island is the northernmost island of the Whitsunday Islands. On Hook Island there are several caves that the aborigines used as refuge.

You cannot miss the Whitsunday Islands in Australia if you come here!

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