The Namib Desert is my favourite place in Namibia. There are many activities you can do, but the ones I enjoy most are related to the dunes.

In Sossusvlei, there are two things I would not miss, climbing one of the imposing dunes and visiting Dead Vlei. To avoid high temperatures, it is important to arrive at Namib-Naukluft Park at dawn.

If you do not mind finishing the journey with sand in your ears and you are fit, ascending to one of the tops of these impressive dunes is an experience. I would start with Dune 45, perhaps the most photographed, named for being located at kilometer 45 of Sesriem, with a height of approximately 150 meters and probably the most accessible. High winds are blowing, making it difficult to climb, so with a little exercise, the effort is worth it. The views from above are magnificent.

If you liked the experience and want more, the Bid Daddy is for you. It is one of the highest dunes in the park.

Don’t miss Dune 45!

Before the heat begins to rise, it is important to reach Dead Vlei, a dried out lagoon with a layer of white clay and surrounded by red dunes. On them, there are trees growing that seem to be petrified by the dehydration. Do not forget to bring  water or you will also die of dehydration. It is a place of singular beauty, where many photographers capture this inhospitable place. 

About 400 kilometers north of Sossusvlei, still in Namib-Naukluft Park, there is another very special place where the dunes are again the main protagonist. Here the activity is carried out in 4×4 from Walvis Bay. Along the way, you can see thousands of flamingos in the Walvis Bay lagoon and after crossing beautiful dunes, reach Sandwich Harbor, a rich wetland in southern Africa. Climbing and descending dunes parallel to the coast is something unique. With a little luck, you can see springboks, jackals and maybe some reptiles.

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