Have you heard of the Curonian Spit?

It is a National Park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This narrow peninsula, 98 km long and between 0.4 and 4 km wide, is divided between Lithuania and Russia. An ecosystem full of sand dunes fights against erosion.

From Lithuania, the only way to reach the Isthmus of Courland is by ferry. Ferries for passengers and bicycles leave from the old terminal of the city of Klaipéda, and ferries for vehicles, passengers and bicycles leave from the new terminal.

The ferry arrives in Smiltynè, to the north. Once there, it is possible to go by car, bus or bicycle, perfect for wandering around the Isthmus. It is possible to rent them in Nida, but it is better to bring them from Klaipèda.

A road of approximately 50 km, which is quite lonely since the Isthmus is barely populated, connects Smiltynè passing through several villages until reaching the beautiful village of Nida.

Along the way, you can enjoy the beach of Smiltynè, the pine forests, the Baltic Sea, the Curonian lagoon, the magnificent dunes, such as Parnidis, 50 meters high.

The city of Klaipèda is located approximately 3 hours drive from Vilnius. It has two beautiful beaches to the north, Giruliai and Melnragė.

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