I think I have already mentioned that I like to visit markets wherever I go, and take the opportunity to make occasional purchases.

I must admit that I love the markets in Mexico and Central America, possibly because they are so colourful and striking. And I really enjoy watching the Mayan women wearing huipiles (embroidered shirts or tunics).

In Guatemala, there are several handicraft markets, the one in Antigua, Guatemala City, and Panajachel, but without a doubt, the most famous is that of Chichicastenango, located in the department of Quiché, every Thursday and Sunday.

This indigenous market is located around the Central Square, next to the Church of Santo Tomás. Merchants come to sell fruits, vegetables, homemade utensils, ceramics, masks and fabrics.

After multiple bargains, usually necessary if you want to acquire any handicraft object, I have bought several tablecloths, brightly coloured bedspreads, beautiful bags, bracelets and necessities that I use very often.

Tips to bargain

Be patient

Do not show at first interest in the object you want to buy

Always offer less than half of what they ask for

Think that the seller will never lose money

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