It is said that France is the culinary country par excellence. Each region has its specialties, and Strasbourg is no different.

Here are some of their typical dishes, which can be tasted both in restaurants and in winstubs, Alsatian taverns with a popular atmosphere:

  • Baeckeoffe: pork, lamb and ox stew, with Alsatian white wine potatoes and covered in pasta.
  • Bibeleskäs: white cheese perfect to accompany sautéed potatoes.
  • Choucroute: striped white cabbage fermented in brine that serves as an accompaniment to deli, such as Knack.
  • Flammekeuche or flambé cake (my favorite): thin pasta coated with cream, onion and pork rinds.
  • Fleischschneke: snails prepared with hash and pasta.
  • Kougelhopf: brioche that can be eaten both in its sweet version, with almonds and raisins, and in its salty version, with pork rinds and nuts.
  • Männele: a brioche in the form of a man eaten during the Christmas holiday.
  • Munster: cheese with a strong smell that can be eaten both cold and hot melted on potatoes.
  • Schnaps: brandy made from plums, pears or raspberries, which is served as a dessert.
  • Wädele: pork knuckle that is usually served with choucroute.

You should not miss Alsatian beer, brewed since 1268!

“Bon appétit” – Enjoy your meal!

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