Did you know that Seville is the city that has the most orange trees in the world?

If you go to Seville in spring, you can enjoy the aroma of the thousands of orange blossoms that are all over the city. This is because Seville is the city that has the most orange trees in the world, planted in streets, gardens and patios, such as the Patio de los Naranjos in the Cathedral.

The type of orange in Seville is called “amarga”, also known as Andalusian orange, sour orange or Seville orange. It is grown in the Mediterranean. It is believed that the tree comes from South Asia and was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula by the Muslims who planted them in their homes, courtyards and mosques.

The orange trees we find have an ornamental character, given the thick foliage, the colourful leaves and its fruits, pale orange.

In addition, bitter oranges have plenty of properties and uses. They allow the production of rich marmalades and jams, digestive infusions, liqueurs as well as perfumes, soaps and lotions. They also serve as a dietary supplement.

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