Do you know what the Sea Organ is?

If you travel to Croatia and you like music, be sure to visit the Sea Organ of the city of Zadar. Along 70 meters of the coast, next to the promenade, marble steps invite you to sit and enjoy the magnificent melody that the sea offers us.

This organ has 35 pipes of different diameters, lengths and inclinations which allow wind and water to create an unrepeatable music that comes through the perforations the stairs have.

Work of the Croatian architect Nicola Bašić

He received the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2006. Vladimir Andročec, as a marine hydraulics consultant, Goran Ježina, as a pipeline builder, and Iviza Stamać as a tuner were also involved.

You do not need to reserve tickets in advance, since access is free. You can listen to music at any time of the day. And you will never hear two equal scores, because there are none. Do not miss it!

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