Paris, with great cultural and architectural heritage, is the city of fashion and gastronomy. It is known as the City of Light.

There are several theories that explain the nickname.

Some say it is due to the placement of street lighting under the reign of Louis XIV. Known as the King of Sun, impressed visitors who visited the city at that time. And the Prefect of Police, Gilbert Nicolas de la Reynie, ordered thousands of torches and oil lamps to be placed on the streets of the city to increase security overnight.

Others think that the name “City of Light” is due to the Enlightenment. It is a cultural and philosophical movement that took place from the early 18th century until the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, period known as the Century of Lights. The Enlightenment, moved by figures such as Diderot, Montesquieu, Rousseau and Voltaire, accentuated the predominance of human reason and belief in progress.

And some believe that this name is due to the gas lighting that was established in the city during the 1830s.

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