Estonia, located in northern Europe, enjoys so-called “white nights“, an atmospheric phenomenon that happen at the same time as the summer solstice, when the sun seems not to set. It is a perfect time to visit the country, since the days are especially long in June and early July.

One of the most popular celebrations in Estonia is St. John’s Day (Jaanipäev), which is celebrated every year on June 24th.

The eve of St. John (Jaanilaupäev), on June 23rd, also festive, coincides with Victory Day, when the Estonians defeated the Germans in the War of Independence in 1919. That night, the Estonians gather to go to the “jaanituli” (bonfires).

Midsummer is celebrated around the world

If you are in Tallinn, we recommend you visit the Skoone Bastion (Rannamäe tee 11), the Viismi Open-Air Museum or the Open-Air Museum of Estonia.

You will find a lot of animation. And you can eat and drink local food, such as shashlik, grilled meat and kvas (drink made with rye bread). And of course, you can also dance around the bonfires and listen to folk music.

Don’t think twice, on the eve of San Juan, sleep little, enjoy the white night, and jump over a bonfire when it is almost off, it will bring you happiness!

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