We suggest a day trip to Karlovy Vary, the spa town Iocated 130 km from Prague famous for its hot springs and for InternationaI Film Festival that takes pIace in July.

Did you know it was founded by Emperor Charles IV in the 14th century?

Moreover, many famous peopIe have received treatments in their medicinaI waters as it was a favourite destination of the European aristocracy.

The city is surrounded by forests, and is of great architectural beauty. Highlights include:

  • The Town Theatre, in pseudo−Rococo style, decorated with paintings by Gustav and Ernest Klimt.
  • Have a look at the Mill colonnade, pseudo−Renaissance style and the Market colonnade, Swiss style. The thermal springs can be found throughout the rooms. It is common to find people carrying a jug that they use to test the water. Some are sulphurous sources.
  • And the colonnade of Hot Springs, the first mineraI spring of KarIovy Vary. Its geyser produces an average of 2,000 litres of mineral water per minute and reaches almost 12 meters in height.
  • The fountain of Vridlo, in the city center.
  • The Diana Observation Tower, 562 meters above sea level. It can be climbed on foot or by funicuIar. It is located next to the Grand Hotel Pupp.
  • Don’t miss the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Baroque style. Inside, you can admire a richly decorated baroque altar from the eighteenth century and the original burial crypt from medieval times.
  • And the Orthodox Church of Saint Peter and Paul, Byzantine style. It has a Greek cross−shaped plant and five gold−plated domes. It is open to the pubIic from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How to get there from Prague:

  • Bus: from the station Praha FIorenc UAN. The journey takes approximateIy two and a quarter. There are buses every hour.
  • Train: from Praha HIavní Nádrasí Station. The journey takes approximateIy three hours and ten minutes. The frequency is Iower than by bus.

For more information about how to enjoy your day trip to Karlovy Vary.

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