We Spaniards tend to say that “Spain is different”, but the truth is that “Japan is different“. Many unimaginable things take place in the Japanese country, and especially in Tokyo.

Pachinko is one of them, slot machines that work with balls and not with money, since in Japan most gambling is prohibited. The establishments where these machines are located, Pachinko Hall, play music to the fullest, and in them, smoking is permitted.

If you are an anime and manga geek, you should not miss the Akihabara neighbourhood, in Tokyo, or the Comiket, the biggest dōjinshi fair (cartoons drawn by fans) in the world, held twice a year in the Japanese capital.

Idol Shops are stores dedicated to fashion idols, many of these are unofficial stores located throughout the country. The most popular ones are in Tokyo, in the Harajuku district, and the vast majority are located in basements, full of photos and posters. Some of them only allow access to women.

The Purikura, Japanese photo booths. In the cabins you can enter with your friends (men always accompanied by women) and pose according to the chosen program, face, full body… Then comes the most fun part, the photo edit… let your imagination run wild!

You like owls and do you want to enjoy their company for a while? In Tokyo, you will find Owl Cafes, coffee shops with owls. There are also cafés dedicated to cats, dogs, birds… Original, right?

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