In Spain, gastronomy is a pleasure. It is known for its wines, its ham, its olive oil, its tapas, its pintxos and its Mediterranean diet. It offers a variety of dishes and flavours that change depending on the region. Hence, continue reading if you want to learn about the different tapas in Seville!

Seville belongs to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. This region offers a wide variety of climates and therefore food. It is very typical to go out for “tapas” and taste the seasonal products.

Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it is an area rich in crustaceans, such as shrimp, crayfish and fish, such as bluefin tuna, hake, sole, sea bass, sardines and mullet that can be eaten in many ways, fried in olive oil (“pescaito frito”), baked, grilled, cooked, prepared with salt or stewed.

The typical tapas in Seville are:

  • Marinated dogfish: white meat fish, marinated with different spices, floured and fried in olive oil.
  • Andalusian stew: chickpea stew with meat, bacon, sausage and potatoes. The broth is usually flavored with peppermint.
  • Gazpacho: cold tomato soup, peppers, cucumber and garlic that is served cold and taken in the summer months.
  • Papas aliñás: potatoes with olive oil, vinegar, scallions and parsley. They are served cold.
  • Pescaíto frito: small fish with little bones, floured and fried in olive oil.
  • Pringá: leftovers of meat and sausage that have been left over from the Andalusian stew and are mixed and spread on bread.
  • Rabo de toro: stew with oxtail, vegetables, red wine and broth.

Let’s not forget the rich Andalusian orchard, which offers potatoes, beans, artichokes and asparagus every year, as well as a variety of fruits such as cherimoyas, persimmons and pomegranates. And above all, let’s not forget the delicious “jamón ibérico de bellota” (Iberian cured ham from pigs that have been fed on acorns), especially the one produced in the mountains of Huelva.

“Enjoy your meal” – Buen provecho!

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