One of the things that impressed me the most when I visited the country is the cleanliness in Japan.

There are no rubbish bins in the streets and yet, you can’t find any waste not even a cigarette butt on the floor.

It is extraordinary that a country with approximately 127 million inhabitants maintains such a  level of cleanliness. How do they achieve it? From childhood they learn that garbage generated in public spaces is kept in their pocket and thrown away at home.

Another thing that left me shocked about the cleanliness in Japan are public toilets. No matter where they are, all of them are super clean.

 Did you know that most of the toilets are electronic and serve as bidets?

Did you know that most of the toilets are electronic and serve as bidets? They have a few functions, such as lifting the lid, washing with water and drying automatically, heated seat, or even emit music. Sometimes an instruction manual is necessary to know how to use them!

We still have so much to learn from Japanese culture!

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