If you like beer, Prague is your place. The Czech Republic has a great beer tradition. There are some renowned beers, such as Pilsen, and others only known locally. The country has many small breweries where classic beers to beers with innovative flavors are brewed. 

Here we will show you some of the many breweries and bars available to the city:

  • The oldest in Prague and throughout the country, dating from 993, is that of the Břevnov monastery.
  • U Fleků, a brewery with more than a century old, where black beer stands out.
  • The brewery of the Strahov monastery, near Prague Castle, where beer was already brewed in the Middle Ages. The factory was restored and reopened in 2000.
  • U Supa, special mention to its brew-house with glass, the only one in the whole country. It is also the oldest brewery with a pub in Prague.
  • The U Medvídků brewery, also with over a hundred years of history, famous for its X-Beer-33 beer, the strongest one.
  • Craft House Prague, a bar which has more than one hundred bottled beers, twenty-seven brands of beer in bulk, and the Imperial Bar where stronger beers are served.
  • The Loď Pivovar brewery, located on a ship.
  • U Tří růží, a brewery with more than a century, where its brewer, Robert Maňák, brews special beers.
  • The Zlý časy bar, which has forty-eight taps to try domestic and international beers.

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