Mate is an infusion typical of South America that is drunk using a bulb (thin cane) usually made of metal, in a container to which hot water is added. It can be taken bitter or sweet, adding some sugar. If you want to modify its flavor you can add honey, orange peel, lemon, coffee…

It is a traditional beverage in Argentina.

It is being a sign of identity and a national icon

And it can be drunk alone or shared with friends, which gives it a social character. Argentinians  enjoy mate throughout the day; at breakfast, before lunch, studying, working, watching television…

Here’s how to prepare a good mate:

  • Fill a thermos with hot water, preferably between 70º and 80 ºC
  • Pour yerba mate into the mate to cover three quarters of it
  • Cover the mouth of the mate with one hand, invert and shake
  • Place warm water in the hole that formed the yerba. Let it rest for a couple of minutes
  • Insert the bulb in the hole
  • Prime the mate always in the same place
  • Share with friends

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