About us?

We are from Madrid, and if you are reading this, we understand that you also like to travel. Although each of us enjoys travelling differently, none of us miss the opportunity to spend a few days away from home to discover new places.

How this blog started?

We first talked about starting this blog in the summer of 2018, during lunch in a town in Guadalajara, about 90 km from Madrid. We talked about how much we love to travel and the importance of the digital world; how comfortable it is to find everything on the internet. As sharing is living, we thought it would be a good idea to contribute to society and open a simple and useful blog.

We decided to give this idea the name of 128 Guides because 128 is the number of destinations we would like to develop and publish. In addition, it is the colour we use in our websiteRGB code [0, 0, 128].

What can you find here?

Useful information about both national and international destinations, including language, currency, time zones, transport, everything to see and some recommendations, among other things.

The best search engines to plan your trip and a store with all the products you may need.

We are working on new destinations and long-term trips with several itinerary proposals, which we will be launching little by little.

Want more?

If you fancy reading more, you can follow us on our social networks!

Who knows, maybe thanks to them you can find your next destination! 

We want feedback!

Any feedback on how to improve the blog or what content you would like to see would be more than welcome!

You can write to us in the CONTACT section. We are looking forward to reading your messages!

Let’s be thankful!

To Kate Norman, for reviewing the texts in English. To Eva García, for reviewing the texts in Spanish. To Ana Guirado and Cristina and Marta Freiría, for lending us some of their pictures. To Dani Serrano and Gerardo García, for teaching us all about WordPress, thanks to you we have been able to design the Web page ourselves.

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